Connie et Steven se regroupent la bibliothque de Plage-Ville et tombent par hasard sur le journal de Buddy Budwick, le capitaine en second de l'quipage de William Dewey, dont l'histoire fut joue en spectacle par Jamie. After Connie reassures Steven that he is still her best friend, the two reaffirm their bond by fusing and winning a best-skater contest as Stevonnie. Connie is frequently shown to be affectionate to Steven, occasionally in a romantic way. Later, when Lion, sent by Steven, notifies her of the danger posed by Spinel, Connie quickly returns with him to help fight the renegade Gem, and help save Beach City's citizens from the poison from Spinel's Gem Injector. In "Reunited" she has grown as a fighter, leaping into action and tries to attack Blue Diamond with Lion to free them when the rest of the Crystal Gems are incapacitated by Blue's pathokinesis attack, continuing to fight alongside them even her sword was broken. He then says interaction between humans and Gems is still new, and that Steven and Connie will have to work with it. Steven obliviously attempts to get her to look at the bright side of the situation, arguing that everything is fine since no one got permanently hurt, frustrating Connie to the point where she resignedly leaves on an equally angry Lion. I've got enough serious things going on in my life. He also tells Connie that if she needs another human to talk to, he is there for her. Of course, Steven brought him back with his tears just like his mother, but for the brief few minutes Lars was gone, the silence was deafening. "The New Crystal Gems" demonstrates her eagerness to leap into action and adventure, asking Steven to wait for her so she can go into space with him, though this fails as he and the Gems had to leave immediately or risk losing track of Blue Diamond and his father forever. As the ending theme of Steven Universe, "Love Like You" is performed by Rebecca Sugar, the show's creator. Connie closely follows her orders but does occasionally exploit loopholes or even lies to her to get away with something if necessary. Connie: Yes, ma'am! After Steven returned home in "Lars' Head", she becomes glad that Steven has returned as she, the Gems, and Greg run up to hug him. Connie began wrapping the larger boy into her arms before falling sideways onto the comforter, holding him . In "Change Your Mind", she tells the Pebbles goodbye that she and Steven will save Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl and use the leg ship to head back to their home planet Earth. In "I Am My Mom", Steven tells Connie he loves her before leaving for Homeworld with Aquamarine and Topaz. #stevenuniverse #Daniboi #episode1 But future just didn't feel like the original I knew. The two separated pieces of one whole, human and gem, reunite in a beautiful sequence by animation legend James Baxter that is impossible to keep a dry eye when watching. When Steven's power start growing out of control due to him still being hurt by her declining his proposal, she quickly realizes the problem and convinces her mom that he should have his space, promising she'll be there for Steven whenever he's ready to talk to her. She also wears a white blouse and blue shorts. In "I Am My Monster", Connie assists the Gems and Greg in trying to calm down Steven and return him to normal. In "Everything's Fine", Connie calls Steven just after he returns from Homeworld, but he dodges her questions about his condition and ends the call, much to her concern. Spoilers will be present! In "Kevin Party", Lion returns along with Connie, bringing her to Kevin's party and, following her and Steven's reconciliation, forgives him as well, and by "Lars of the Stars", he shown to once again be under Steven's care and on good terms with him. Connie is on good terms with the Crystal Gems, who were excited to meet her in "Bubble Buddies". Yes, happily ever after they were. Please browse at your own risk. Then I moved onto the movie, and then future. Connie is usually level-headed but sensible, convincing Steven about his obsession to certain topics and let them go such in "Beach City Drift", but she feels guilty to the point of notably changing her behavior, including hitting an innocent student in "Mindful Education". The Crystal Gems and Steven go to the communication hub, which was last seen in "Coach . After Steven is knocked out cold, Connie tries to wake him, but he manages to communicate with her via spiritual means and convinces her to guard his body as he tries to talk down Blue and Yellow Diamond from the spiritual plane he is in. Afterward, Connie spends the remainder of the day having fun with Steven and Amethyst. This scene also shows that Connie is terrified and angry at his decision as she shouts "don't you dare" to him as he prepares to leave, forgetting his promise that they would face problems together. In "Crack the Whip", Amethyst is left in charge of Connie and Steven while Pearl and Garnet search for Jasper as Pearl had forgotten that Connie would be coming by for training that day. As of "Crack the Whip", Connie appears to share the Crystal Gems' mutual dislike of Jasper and willingly fused with Steven in order to defeat her. Steven Crewniverse 27.3K subscribers Steven creates a Magic Crystal Bubble to protect a girl he likes from falling rocks, but has no idea how to make it disappear, leading to a couple. She also recalls seeing him on his father's float, mentioning the soap bubbles in his hair. In "Kevin Party", a few weeks later at Kevin's party, despite appearing to be genuinely having a good time with the other guests both before and after Steven's arrival, Connie expresses how much her friendship with Steven still means to her, becoming upset, agitated, and worried when he deliberately ignores her attempts to get his attention so they could reconcile and seems to only want to hang out with Kevin and his friends (though this was only due to him taking Kevin's advice to bait her into coming over to him to talk), which leads her to conclude that Steven has given up on them reconciling at this point, and has decided to drop her as his best friend and move on with a new crowd. With aburst of light, laughter, and an uplifting score, Steven tearfully opens his eyes to reveal he is himself again, or rather, he's always been himself. At first their reason for crying is unknown, until in "Cry for . A lot. US$151,334.48 steven crying This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. At some point following her fallout with Steven in the aforementioned episode and prior to their reconciliation in "Kevin Party", she had her hair cut down to a chin-length bob and added bangs. "Change Your Mind" brings out this aspect of her personality, as she helps Steven convince Blue and Yellow to ease up on their stifling rules and traditions so they would try to convince White Diamond to do the same. As of the movie, Connie is now taller in height, almost the same height as Steven, with slightly thicker limbs and a differently-angled nose. Peridot sends out a distress message to Yellow Diamond on TV, which Steven confirms is happening all over by calling Connie, who also sees the message. Quite some time after that, he blacked out all his social media. Li'l Butler: Li'l Butler Mr. Money Mrs. Money Daughter Money Dirtbike Money He and Connie offered to accompany Steven on his mission no matter what danger they could face in "Ocean Gem", showing that they both care for Steven deeply. In "The Future", Lion warps Connie to see Steven and is last seen with them as they make plans to meet up while Steven travels around the world and eventually settles elsewhere, with the two intending to use his warp powers to maintain their relationship. Steven turned around one last time before the ship's door closed to say, "I love you." In their first meeting in person, Lapis didn't recognize Connie from the previous event, replaying "I almost drowned a lot of people" when Connie tries to remind Lapis that she almost drowned her. In "Mindful Education", Garnet is excited to see Connie and Steven fight as Stevonnie. In their haste to save him, Steven's guardians have (he assumes) been poofed and are unable to reform. Determined to stop Connie's crying . The most emotional moment inSteven Universeis also its most climactic. While racing him as Stevonnie, Connie is the first to realize how obsessed they are in getting back at him, and they both decide to let go of their anger and finish the race for themselves. On Connie's phone, it shows that she had taken a picture of them happy together, implying they have become friends. Blue Pearl tells Blue Diamond she found a native, and Blue Diamond tells her to "bring it here." But it would seem something is amiss. But why is Connie laughing? In "Together Forever", Steven rides Lion to Connie's house, and he brings the two back to the beach where they met where Steven intends to propose to her. finally gets its answer. Greg has been kidnapped by an intergalactic matriarch and taken far across space. The following are the list of soundtracks for the animated television series Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network.Sugar also wrote the songs and musical numbers for the series, which are produced by the Dutch musician duo Aivi & Surasshu and jointly composed the title and ending themes for the series. Steven Universe & Everyone; Characters: Steven Universe; Pearl (Steven Universe) White Diamond (Steven Universe) . Steven tells Connie not to think about it, but Garnet interrupts and takes the children to the beach to meditate with her as Stevonnie, showing her concern for the fusion extending to the two of them individually. And if watching Steven watch Crying Breakfast Friends has taught us anything, it's that we like watching people cry. Many cried. While Steven's dislike of Kevin is overt and hostile, Connie's is more subdued and internal. She can be a bit deadpan at times, joking about cutting off Steven's hand and in that same instance quickly understands that by poking/tickling Steven she could provoke a reaction from Rose's Secret Armory in "Lion 2: The Movie". It's also heavily implied that the two have finally entered an official relationship as they share their first on-screen kiss just before Steven leaves, and Connie sees him off with Greg and the Gems. In the second intro, Connie looks towards the road with a smile and pops out of the street and runs to the Crystal Temple, wearing the frames of her glasses until she reaches the Crystal Temple and lies in front of Rose's Sword. This is a transcribed copy of "An Indirect Kiss". Design The group later begins to argue with each other on their abilities to play the roles of the Crystal Gems, Connie finding both Peridot and Lapis immature. In "Together Alone", Blue sees Connie as Steven/Pink's "pet", a sharp contrast to Blue's general view on the humans both in the Zoo and towards Greg. Her more carefree attitude and comfort towards Steven when he feels he had made everyone miserable by abiding by Homeworld's conformities and traditions to impress White Diamond in "Together Alone" caused her to convince him to dance much to his reservation, an inverse of their usual personalities and actions in the episode "Alone Together", which leads to them accidentally fusing into Stevonnie and unintentionally causing an uproar that winds up ruining the ball. And Connie? [Peridot and Steven then scamper into the drill's cockpit as the ground continues to shake] Peridot: Ready or not, we have a mission. "Bismuth Casual", Connie's first major appearance in Steven Universe Future, shows full-circle how far Connie has come since her introduction, as she is revealed to have made friends outside of Steven and is shown to be somewhat close to them. When Steven is injured in space, Connie is there to help him. This cartoon is known for how unabashedly emotional it can be. Despite her obedience to her parents, she wasn't above exploiting loopholes, such as not buying snacks at a movie theater, but instead bringing them from Steven's home. Many still cry whenrewatching it; it's just that good. "Thank you Connie" "Steven you're so amazing!" . After Steven stops her from leaving, and the two finally reconcile, Kevin attempts to get them to fuse, but they instead decide to take their leave on Lion, though not before thanking Kevin for his help and complimenting him on the party, much to his anger. And then,occasionally, the fun stops to remind us that these characters have feelings and histories and are still affected by those histories even if they are thousands of years old. And then everything cut to black after Connie screamed his name. She continued to wear the empty frames until the events of "Nightmare Hospital", no longer carrying them afterward. In the episode "Sworn to the Sword", Connie is seen holding her sword with her right hand during training; but uses her left hand when she fights Pearl with Steven. black shirts with the red spider lily imprinted on them, coloured in red. Later, as everyone, even the Cluster, embraces Steven with love, she is the last to do so, promising that she and everyone else will take care of Steven just as he has always done with them, before sealing the deal with a kiss, which finally reverts him back to normal. Connie's outfit and fighting style were inspired by. Steven realizes it is Blue Diamond mourning and that he has been crying her tears the entire time. During this, she becomes shocked to learn that Steven never told the Gems about going to the hospital, and is even more shocked when he reveals that he shattered Jasper and nearly did the same to White Diamond. Connie first encounters Kevin as Stevonnie in "Alone Together". If you haven't watchedSteven Universe, read at your own risk. Connie was very happy that Bismuth forged and gave her a new sword to replace the sword used by Rose that had been broken in "Reunited".
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