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VendiGig is a marketplace freelancer platform that connects organizations with a network of experienced sales experts on demand. Our platform allows businesses to promote gigs to sales experts for specific projects or ongoing needs, streamlining the process of finding sales talent and closing deals without hiring a dedicated sales team.

Organizations can post a gig on our platform outlining their specific sales needs, and users take up these projects, find leads, close them, and then submit the converted lead to the company subsequently earning a commission.

Getting started on VendiGig is easy, if you are a company, book a demo to get started with VendiGig and have your project posted. If you are a user, download the app, sign up, and create a profile. Our platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can start connecting with companies and finding projects right away.

Our platform is free to use for all users. For companies, we operate on a commission-based model, where the users earn a commission for each deal closed. Organizations only pay for the deals that are closed through our platform.

The time it takes to find users on our platform depends on the project and the specific needs of the project, but we have a huge network of users, and we are committed to helping our clients find the best fit as quickly as possible.

Absolutely! You can side hustle with VendiGig and keep working at your full-time job. One of the perks of using VendiGig is that it gives you the freedom to decide when and how you put in your work. You have the flexibility to work on projects that are either short-term or long-term and from any place that is convenient for you considering the project’s specific needs. Download the app now!

One of the advantages of using VendiGig is that it gives you the flexibility of choosing the projects according to your expertise, industry knowledge, and work timings. Depending on the needs of the project, you can choose when you work part-time, from any convenient location.

Freelancing is better with VendiGig as we offer time flexibility and potential to earn extra income. As a VendiGig user, you will have the option to select the projects that best suit your skills and interests while also continuing to work at your current job. The more number of deals you complete successfully on VendiGig, the more you earn!

VendiGig! Our platform gives you the freedom to select when and how you make extra money as it connects you with companies to fulfil their projects. This will allow you to supplement your income in an easy and flexible way. There is variety of projects already available on VendiGig. Download the app and sign up with our platform. The best freelancing platform for a side hustle in the UAE.

VendiGig helps you earn money fast as it gives you the earning potential and flexibility to work on variety of available projects that are either short-term or long term, at your own hours, and depending on what you are seeking for your side hustle.